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Swedish Massage.

Holistic in its approach, Massage works on the whole person.  It encompasses one's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  It is a manipulation of soft tissues for therapeutic  purposes.  Swedish Massage can stimulate or relax all the major systems of the body.

This means it can improve the effectiveness of the

  • Digestive organs,
  • Respiratory system,
  • Immune System,
  • Circulation,
  • Muscles,
  • overall benefits to the Skin,
  • Hormones,
  • and Nerve endings.

The effects and benefits of massage are as individual as the person receiving the treatment.

Below is a list of a few :

  • relaxation,
  • sleep inducing
  • increased energy
  • nourished skin
  • sense of well-being
  • easing aches and pains
  • to tone slack muscles
  • relax tense muscles


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