Hands or Feet

Reflexology is a pleasant and very relaxing experience.  It can be used purely to reduce tension or to promote well-being as it is a form of health maintenance.

Simple, precise pressure is applied through the thumb and fingers to the minute reflex points in and around the feet or hands.  Every reflex area in both the feet and hands represents an organ or area of the body.

Toxins and waste products can collect in the feet (due to gravity).  The therapist may feel crystal deposits or “gritty” areas on your feet.  These can sometimes be related to energy blockages in the corresponding areas of the body.

Energy blockages throughout the body can cause sluggish circulation or even disease.  By releasing this energy the body can begin to function effectively again.

If one organ is not functioning properly it can often have an effect on another, so by releasing the energy around one you can have a positive improvement on several more.

Through the relaxed state your body can start the self-healing process.  This can be both physiological or psychological.  Therefore reflexology is said to be a holistic therapy – effective to the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Please note reflexology should not be painful.  Some clients feel pressure or sensations in the feet or in parts of the body whilst the therapist works over them, and if this happens it is normal.


Reflexology aims to bring balance to body.

The purpose of a course of treatments is to normalise the body’s functioning or simply to help combat stress and alleviate tension.  This in turn will improve the functioning of all the organs throughout the body.

Reflexology can

Activate – Stimulates the sluggish organs and systems of the body e.g. circulation.

Pacify – Calms and soothes the bodies overactive systems e.g. the nervous system.

Induces Relaxation – Thus helping the body to heal and maintain itself.

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