Maternity Reflexology

Preconception, Pregnancy & Postnatal

The reproductive systems for both men and women are regulated and controlled by hormones.  Stress can interrupt the regularity of the menstrual cycle and can play a major part in making conception more difficult.  Reflexology is great for restoring the natural rhythm of the body.

Pregnancy is a time of major physical and psychological adjustments.  Reflexology promotes a great sense of wellbeing and can help ease common problems such as back pain, nausea, constipation, sciatica and mood swings.

Many expectant fathers develop symptoms associated with pregnancy and Reflexology can be very relaxing and restorative.

I would not recommend Reflexology in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy or where there is a history of miscarriage.

Reflexology can help during labour to ease the pain and discomfort, or if the contractions are weak.  Recovery from labour is thought to be quicker afterwards as the body rebalances more easily.

Reflexology after the baby is born can help with symptoms of tiredness, depression and discomfort in the breasts as hormones levels readjust.

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