One to One or Small Groups (max 6 per course)

Baby Massage

Birth itself will often be the first massage we each receive.  The strong uterine contractions of birth stimulate the nervous system and other majors organs of the body.

The transition from the security of the womb to the outside world is not always an easy one.

An emotional period of adjustment for both the baby and the parents often follows.

Babies respond well to being carried and rocked because it is familiar to them.  Similarly babies respond well to being stroked because the area of the brain that processes this sense, is more developed at birth than any other time.

Massage opens a totally new dimension in your relationship with your child.  It can provide a unique, meditative  time  for direct physical contact and affectionate expression.

It is a natural response to your baby’s inherent need for touch and will be a time of mutual pleasure, once your baby begins to anticipate their massage.

The effects and benefits of massage are as individual as the Baby receiving the treatment.

Below is a list of some benefits you could obtain:

  • Induces a  relaxed state for your baby,
  • Encourages muscular co-ordination,
  • Calms emotions and relieves trauma,
  • Soothes the body and relieves pain,
  • Helps promote sleep,
  • Aids digestion,
  • Visibly improves the texture of the skin,
  • Provides a unique period of mutual pleasure!
  • Stimulates your baby’s immune and circulation system - both of which are immature at birth.

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