Swedish Massage

Firm massage pressure to manipulate soft tissue for therapeutic benefit.  To ease tired and tense muscle groups.  After a work out, or before a big game, this helps to loosen you up, helps a stiff back, or to relax tense legs.

Hot Stones Massage

Hot volcanic stones are used in the massage to penetrate deeper into the layers of muscles for long lasting relief.

Indian Head Massage

Massage of the head and shoulders, pressure points of the face are stimulated to increased blood flow.  Melts tension away and stimulates the nerve endings to re-energise your brain.


Small deliberate pressures applied to the feet or hands to release energy, help blockages and stimulate the systems of the body.  Promotes the body's natural healing capabilities.

Hot Stones Reflexology

Soothing hot basalt stones are added to the already relaxing reflexology treatment.  To deeply penetrate the muscle fibres of the feet and to enhance the therapeutic value of the time spent in the chair.

Baby & Toddler Massage or Reflexology Classes

Can be one to one, one to couples or one to a group of up to six.  I will demonstrate the easy routines whilst you practice on your own baby. We will discuss the benefits of baby massage or reflexology and a handout will be provided for reference at home.

Massage Couch Set Up

Ringwood Treatment Room

I am fully Insured to work from my new Treatment room in Ringwood, or mobile (at your home).  Appointments may also be available at Profile 2000 Beauty & Slimming Salon in West Moors.  Please contact me for further details.

Tailor made Course of Treatments

You can mix and match your treatments to suit your personal needs for example, Indian Head Massage one week, and Foot Reflexology the next, literally head to toe I have you covered.

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If you have any questions about which treatment would be best for you or to arrange a time for a free consultation, please contact me.