These types of therapies are a very personal thing.  You may some questions so here are some of the most common ones.  If you have anything else you would like to know, please contact me.

What if I have a medical condition?

I can offer advice to you or we can ask for consent from your GP before we book an appointment, please feel free to contact me.

What are the benefits?

Each person reacts differently but generally you should be more relaxed during your treatment, and this may well continue for the next 24-36 hours or more.  Clients often feel well rested after a treatment and more mentally focused.  The body naturally has the ability to heal itself continually but especially following illness, stress, injury or disease.  Complementary therapies can be used to restore and maintain the bodies natural equilibrium and encourage healing.  These treatments are a wonderful and nurturing way to strengthen the bodies own constitution and maintain good health.  It can address not only the physical well being of the client, but also enhance the emotional and mental well being.

What should I expect?

The first treatment with me will always start with a free of charge consultation, it will take about 10 to 15 minutes, and includes questions about your lifestyle, health and individual needs. Each subsequent visit will begin with me asking about any affects from the last treatment, and whether you have had any changes to your medical history.  I will leave the room whilst you undress (to underwear for massage) and get on the treatment couch underneath a towel.  For Reflexology you only need to remove tights or socks and shoes.  For Indian Head Massage you remain fully clothed.  Babies will keep nappies on for Baby Massage.  The treatment room is warm and cosy, with dimmed lighting and comforting background music.  You could try and plan to have a relaxing evening on the day of your treatment as you may feel sleepy earlier, or even need a nap.

Will it hurt?

No, definitely not!.  If at anytime your treatment is hurting I will stop, immediately.  This should be a pleasurable relaxing experience for you.  Sometimes muscles can be tight and it may feel tender, but if it gets too much,  just let me know and I can move on to another area.

What is Maternity Reflexology?

Preconception Reflexology can help you to relax.  During pregnancy (after 14 weeks) or indeed after Reflexology can ease some common pregnancy and childbirth ailments.

What if I forget or need to change my appointment?

I am happy to change appointments when needed, but if less than 24 hours notice is given, a 50% fee will be charged.  If you do not attend an appointment and do not contact me, I reserve the right to charge you a full cancellation fee, equivalent to the treatment cost.


What can I expect after my treatment?

I always recommend clients drink plenty of water after for 24 hours, especially as this helps to flush out toxins in the body.  You can get dehydrated after a treatment which could lead to headaches.  You may feel lethargic, nauseous or tearful, but these reactions are positive signs that your body is responding, healing. I often say to clients that they may notice themselves more when the "positive" benefits of the treatment start to wear off, and they go back to feeling stressed, tired or heady, that this is the time to call to book in to see me again.  Once a pattern is identified we can book in regular treatments to maintain your bodies equilibrium.  For more details about aftercare, please ask for a leaflet and I can email or post it to you.

What are Baby & Toddler Massage or Reflexology Classes?

I can show you how to give your baby or toddler a massage or a simple reflexology treatment to help bonding, sleeping or ease common baby ailments.  You can then practice on your child.

Are you Qualified & Insured

I am ITEC Qualified, I am a member of Complementary Therapies Health Association and am fully Insured with Holistic Insurance Services (copy available) also a member of Embody for you.


Got your own question?

Drop me a line and I will email or call you to discuss!