By applying gentle manipulation to your feet or hands, any "imbalanced reflexes" are gently massaged to restore the natural flow of energy along the body's pathways or zones.  This thereby releases any possible blockages impeding the proper functioning of the corresponding organs.  This also results in increasing blood supply to all areas of the body.  It helps by releasing tension, increasing vitality, boosting circulation and eliminating toxins.Reflexology

Maternity / Infertility Reflexology

A very special technique is used if you are trying to get pregnant, or indeed are pregnant  (after 14 weeks). See here Maternity Reflexology

Swedish Body Massage

Manipulation of soft tissues for therapeutic purposes. Holistic in its approach, Massage works on the whole person, ones physical, mental and spiritual health. Swedish Massage can stimulate or relax all the major systems of the body.  It improve the effectiveness of the digestive system, immune system, circulation, muscles and overall benefits to the skin, hormones and nerve endings.  It is very relaxing and you may feel yourself drift off into a relaxing sleep. For more information Swedish Massage

Indian Head Massage

Massage to upper arms, shoulders, neck, head and face whilst fully clothed.  Although I will only be working on the upper part of your body, many clients have said they feel their whole body is balanced afterwards.

I will use a mixture of pressure points and massage techniques on the head.  These effects can sometimes be felt throughout the whole body.  You can sit comfortably in a chair and remain clothed, which many people prefer. More details here Indian Head Massage

Volcanic Hot Stones Massage or Advanced Reflexology

Basalt volcanic stones are gently heated and used with oil to massage the body.  The heat produced by the stones during this treatment penetrates deeper into the muscle fibres for a totally relaxing treat. Much more information on this amazing treatment can be found here  Hot Stones Massage or Hot Stones Reflexology

Baby & Toddler Massage or Reflexology Classes

You will be taught about the benefits of baby massage or Reflexology in detail.  I will demonstrate and talk you through a sequence whilst you practice on your baby.  This is easy to master and simple to remember, I will provide you with an information pack with all important points for you to take away.  You can go home and start adding this into your home routines immediately, or use it on an ad hoc basis. Baby Massage Class or Baby or Toddler Reflexology Class

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To book or ask me any questions about the suitability of the treatments for you please, message me. There are lots of different Testimonials and Reviews on my Facebook page, Google and Yell, or here on my website Testimonials